We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.

All systems continue to monitor.

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We continue to monitor operations to ensure stability. Access to API and to applications and is restored.

We will extend status updates unless severity degrades.

Next update 10:30

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Web and API are now accessible. Microsoft confirmed new connectivity across datacenter regions (west- and north). We are moving into monitoring untill we clear the incident to resolve.

Next update 09:00.

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Instability is upgraded to outage. Our web and APIs is currently affected by the incident. We are triaging the issue and working to restore operations.

Next update 08:30.

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Access to our application ( and and our APIs is degraded, due to a service outage in combined west- and north regions of Microsoft Azure.

Next update 07:45 UTC+1.

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We have identified instability on operations causing degraded performance, accessability and operations. We have identified the fault with our underlaying infrastructure with Microsoft and are working to restore operations.

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Began at:

Affected components
  • Portal (web application)
  • Reporting API
  • Applications
    • Financial applications